Thursday, February 22, 2007

New location for the Washington Dojo

Well we are up and running in our own building. I have partnered with one of the other martial arts instructors here. Since he has the business liscense and some local recognition we have decided to stay with the name he was using and add me to it. Website will be under construction in the near future

Red Raven Aikido & MMA
113 N. Columbus Ave.
Goldendale Wa 98620

Aikido instructor: Joe Anderson

MMA instructor: Jerry Redding

Thursday, February 15, 2007

OCA Demonstration

These two pictures below are all that were taken during the demonstration Chad and I gave for the OCA's (Office of Cultural Affairs) Annual celebration. I can't even tell if that's me. Anyway, the person who recruited us said there was some positive feedback from the spectators, and we got a free meal out of it, and Chad also got a bottle of wine he stuck in his duffle bag for later. Chad deserved the bottle of wine since he had to take ukemi without any mats, on a wooden stage with thin carpeting, but at least the floorboards creaked and gave a little beneath his weight.

In this photo I'm doing a Ki demonstration, and the man in the suit standing next to me is the guy who I volunteered to come up and try and push me over. That's a microphone in my hand, which came in handy. When the volunteer was straining to push me over I kept my eyes on the audience and spoke in the mic that he could start pushing now which got a good reaction from the crowd.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sensei Warne's visit (photo's finally)

From the left, Chad, Mo, Sensei David Warne, Jonathan, and Sensei Al Montemar.

Dinner at Abuelo's, Sensei Warne's treat. Great food, great times. From the left, Riz, Sensei, Carrie, Mo, Glen, and Linda.

Danny and Jonathan at the end of the table, and Glen's two kids on the far side.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Debunking hurts...,

I couldn't find the website of this guy, they probably took it down, but go to this link, and watch the video listed towards the top first, then watch the one towards the bottom.

In short, some guy claiming to be a "Kiai" or "Ki" Master, with a background in Aikijitsu, and Aikido, gets challenged by someone, and well, you have to see the video.