Wednesday, June 22, 2005

UK Trip

Okay, this was taken a few pints before I had my picture taken with the bald barman. Posted by Hello

Poor Jayson

It could've been worse. Sensei Brad could've given Jayson "rabbit ears" right when this picture was taken.., Posted by Hello

Tuesdays class

well first an apology to all for not posting in a while. Class last night was an excellent one. We have a new student Chris who will be with us only a short while as he leaves for the Army in early July. Went over several techniques ikkyo and positive shihonage were the main focus.
I ran into a student who used to train with us at Tamura's Judo I am hoping he will return to the mat but I have doubts as he was mentioning how his knees are gone. Also met a mui thai guy who has some interest in trying Aikido, again can we get him to the mat?
I would ask some of you Aikido bloggers to invite you dojo mates to join us. I have noticed that the "US Headquarters" has decided to not participate in this blog or thier own for that matter. I find this to be rather unfortunate, as the point of this is to increase fellowship between the ESTA schools
Well enough for now hi to everyone and keep training the mat is where its at.

Thursday, June 16, 2005


There'll be a few more images to post from the UK visit in the next few days. In the interim type in a comment on any of the posts already here.

Rub 2

This is at the pub on top of the steep frikkin hill from Crystal Palace. Anita Wilson has bravely joined me in my mission of exterminating the bald look into history by rubbing one side of this bar keeps scalp while I handle the other. It's a classic pincer movement in any General's handbook applied to bar keep number 2. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Rub 1

I forgot the name of the pub in Basingstoke this was in. It was taken after Friday's Aikido Class. After having one too many ciders, ales, and anything else with an alcohol content, I took it upon myself to assist the passing of the "Bald Look" into history by rubbing the bald scalp of any bar keep within arms distance. Here's bar keep number 1. Posted by Hello

UK Pictures

This is the first picture I took of Sensei Brad and Sensei Andy. The one posted on The Hut TX website is actually image number 2, and Sensei Andy had no idea what was happening, at least until now. Posted by Hello

UK Pictures

Me and Anita Wilson at a pub up the street from Crystal Palace. Actually it was more than up the street, it was up this steep bloody hill and after practicing a full day at the seminar made walking it a total "BEE-Yatch".

The guy behind me in the white shirt is an orange belt at the Basingstoke Dojo. He's the real reason press-ups were invented and I can't remember his name. To any viewer's who know this guy, either leave his name by posting a comment or send me an email. Posted by Hello