Monday, February 28, 2005

Joe's back

Joe Anderson has made his first official return to Aikido practice from back surgery last thursday night. To think he went under one knife that opened his back, then go to rehab only to face another knife trying to open his stomach. I guess the second knife can be considered part of rehab. Good to have you back.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Knife Thursday

On Thursdays knife class all able bodies showed including Joe. Joe did very soft application and lasted longer than expected. Sticking on to the schedule of testing, Al Sensei went through what he expected to see for disarming 7th form knife. Using kotigeshi specifically for the evening, we went through the tenkan motion, knife to throat, back hand to elbow, and walk around to tap to disarm. Even Joe did well to get around the uke and disarm. We stayed with 7th form knife, but not to disarm, but to feel the uke's weight to escape a welding knife. When entered, tenkan, hold position arm to arm, and feel the pressure to know when to do lateral fast walk back. Always keeping the feet sliding and looking at uke to thrust again after missing the slashing. Escape was that techniques exercise. For the end of class we went into 3rd form ikkyo, positive and negative. Applying the underlining theme of timing your attackers entry's.

Thursday, February 24, 2005


Tuesdays night class came with possibly a new future student named Jason. He stayed over from the Kwan Do class from earlier that night. Jason and his wife have been students of the Kwan Do class for only 3 months and his wife already got a knee injury. So Jason stayed over to check out the effects of the Aikido class he has heard about and seen get ready after his 7 to 8:15 class. He could only stay an hour for dinner and his wife waited his arrival. We stayed with first form nikkyo for the first half hour then edged to a more dynamic nikkyo and irime nage from 5th and 7th forms. Jason was even taken into positive irime nage and then to knife submission. He was impressed with nikkyo and irime nage. Keep in mind we were very gentle, but being soo new to Aikido he was even learning the true meaning of knowing when to tap (To tap is to continue). As well as relaxing, keeping good posture, and relaxing. I say that twice because remember he came into our class from the rigged Kwan Do class. Jason is an older guy and so very new to martial arts it was a lot to absorb. The flow was good though. Al Sensei and I took turns as his uke and he seemed to have fun and learned a move or two. I had a blast going back into the first day mode. We sat Jason down and Al Sensei took out his knife. He attacked me 7th and I put him into irime nage and kotigeshe submissions. Jason liked this. I was practicing for the upcoming kyu testing. After Jason left Al Sensei and I went into kyu testing mode and ran though everything, 3rd to 4th and the randori sequence of 5th, 6th and 7th forms to be expected and to apply. Not to mention the 5th with knife at 80% trust. Be ready or bloody I always say (Just Kidding or am I? haha) I am also expecting some buddy's and they're wife's and girlfriend's to come in this week to take part in class. I've been a chatter box on the Aikido subject and they are interested in the class. Crossing my fingers for some new class mates.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Returning to Aikido

Had my second practice today after several months hiatus. There are two new students to the dojo...Mike and Kelly. Fresh faces are nice. As for me, I'm trying to get into the swing of things and hopefully keep up the regular workout on Monday and Wednesday and work toward my brown belt perhaps this year. But this is still one day at a time. Just following a path...not a goal.
I still need to watch out for my right knee, though. But today did mostly sword cuts. I'll be out this week on a business trip and start up next Monday. Just a blog here to let everybody know I'm on board on the ESTA International.

Keep up the good work.


Sunday, February 13, 2005

Catching up

It has been awhile since my last entry and for that I apologize. With Al Sensei going on work vacations (hahaha) class has been sparatic. The Thursday before last (the night of the weak fight) I had the honor of going over 3rd and 4th forms for Karl and I's testing. As well as working with Daniel, when Karl had to leave early, on his 1st form. They were tired and I was happy for they had to use good technique not muscle. This recent Tuesday Al Sensei and I went over the Jo katas for demontrations that we are planning to perform. On Thurday of late it was Daniel, Karl, and I with Al Sensei running more intense 3rd and 4th with Karl and I and Daniel on the 1st and 2nd techniques. We finish with 7th with punch, club as a knife, and then to live blade action to disarm using kotogieshe. A great class. I had fun. It was one of my better classes. My solo training with my imaginary foes a working. Also the mental run throughs while driving or shopping for groceries are doing well for me, but physical contact on the mat is the way to go for sured training.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Brawl at The Hut TX

Last Thursday when I was away in Georgia, Chad and Daniel stepped out of the Dojo carrying their kits along with a bokken and jo in the other hand. In the parking lot two drunked up american football players (very stocky, and acting very stupid) we're having an argument, when one of them looks at Chad and asks, "Hey man, can I borrow your sticks?" Chad tells him "No."

This guy then slams the passenger door of the guy he's having an argument with, and the glass shatters. The owner of the truck goes around the truck, then around the man who slammed the door acting in utter shock that his truck window has been shattered. These two later get into a drunken brawl with Chad stepping in a little later to stop the winner from completely kicking in the other guys ribs thru his lungs, making the drunken idiot back away.

I'm hoping Chad or Daniel will post some details about this. Listening to Chad with what happened had me laughing on the floor. I'll see if I can digitally record Chad relating what happened and then post it here so everyone can see it instead of reading about it via text. This probably won't be posted until after next week since I'm out for 5 days working in Tacoma Washington. However, if you can't wait, email or post a message to Chad about what all happened and he can give you the details.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Aikido Blog; The Hut Texas

Aikido Blog; The Hut Texas

I misssed training on Friday cos of parents evening. Training on Monday with Sensei Eastman, Chris, Mark, Jason, Richard and Sensei Paul started off with Sensei Eastman running through some practise with Jason for the upcoming Abbe festival while the rest of us practised some ikkyo and nikkyo to stertch our wrists. My left wrist is *still* not right doing nikkyo - guess it's going to take a long while to heal as I am an old geezer now. Sensei Ellis also made an appearance and let us know that the five, still practising, original members of the hut, including Ken Williams, will all be at the Abbe fetival. It'll be great to see the people I've read about in the book and on the internet actually on the mat. Looks like there's not going to be much spectator room at the festival either. Hopefully there'll be plenty of pics and videos though. Matt fees have gone upto seven quid due to a lack of numbers on the Friday session but those of us who go to Fridays will definitely keep it going until numbers pick up. Can't imagine not training twice in a week.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Other ESTA weBlogs are here!
Well written and informative by Mike McConnell, 2nd kyu student.

Friday, February 04, 2005


Surgery was successful, also hurt like the dickens. Rehab starts now see you on the mat soon!!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Monday Night Training

Aikido Blog; The Hut Texas

Training on Monday with me, Jason, Chris and Mark. Sensei Eastman was with us for the first hour or so and we ran through 3rd form. After he left we carried on with that and also added in some 5th 6th and 7th. We're not attracting many people for the Friday night sessions so there was rumour that Sensei Ellis will seeing if we can move it to a Thursday. Excellent - then we can go down to Baskingstoke on the Friday as well!