Saturday, February 12, 2005

Brawl at The Hut TX

Last Thursday when I was away in Georgia, Chad and Daniel stepped out of the Dojo carrying their kits along with a bokken and jo in the other hand. In the parking lot two drunked up american football players (very stocky, and acting very stupid) we're having an argument, when one of them looks at Chad and asks, "Hey man, can I borrow your sticks?" Chad tells him "No."

This guy then slams the passenger door of the guy he's having an argument with, and the glass shatters. The owner of the truck goes around the truck, then around the man who slammed the door acting in utter shock that his truck window has been shattered. These two later get into a drunken brawl with Chad stepping in a little later to stop the winner from completely kicking in the other guys ribs thru his lungs, making the drunken idiot back away.

I'm hoping Chad or Daniel will post some details about this. Listening to Chad with what happened had me laughing on the floor. I'll see if I can digitally record Chad relating what happened and then post it here so everyone can see it instead of reading about it via text. This probably won't be posted until after next week since I'm out for 5 days working in Tacoma Washington. However, if you can't wait, email or post a message to Chad about what all happened and he can give you the details.


Blogger Mike McConnell said...

Ye gods! Drunken idiots! I'll be watching this blog piece for an update. I hope nobody was hurt...the two drunken idiots I mean. :)

4:41 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

Talking with Chad he enjoyed himself immensely.

8:55 PM  
Blogger chad747 said...

Ok, Al got most of it, but I'll go through it with a bit more detail. At 10:30pm daniel and I walk out of the Dojo and see two American football types (linebackers) having an arguement. About what, you got me.

I'll refer to them as one with a cap and the other with a goatee. They were talking on the passenger side of a full size GMC truck with the door open. Daniel and I stop in our trax to watch what might happen next for the disscussion is heated. The cap guy starts saying how no good the goatee guy is and starts shouting at him to say he's walking home. The goatte guy leans inside wanting his darts. The cap guy, that seems to be the driver, gets in the drivers seat and swats the head of the goatee guy. They exchange swipes at each other in the cab and the goatee guy leans out of the truck and SLAMS the door HARD shaddering the window. Glass flying everywhere. Now keep in mind that they are actually taking up three parking spaces in the lot and Daniels little MR3 gocart of a car is right in front of the truck. So he now has to watch the glass not to cut into his tires. So I digress, The cap guy gets out and walks around the back of the truck and around goatee guy to look at his truck in awe. He started to say how he can't believe that this is happening and how a piece of shit the goatee guy is and blah blah. The goatee guy then looks over to us to ask if he can use one of my stix and I answer laughingly NO. All awhile the cap guy going on what a nowhere going guy he is. Funny. The cap guy then walks back around to his side and grabs the dart bag and chunks it across the parking lot in cars about 40 yards or so. The goatee guy reopens the door to RESLAM it slinging any other glass pieces that may still be clinging. Funny. The cap guy gets in the truck and takes off to the end of the lot and stops.

Meanwhile, the goatte guy calmly asks us if we saw his where his bag went. I point in the general direction and he says thanks. Very Funny. I nudge at Daniel to say, wow I can't believe that guy didn't already open a can of woop ass. He must not know how to fight or there in a relationship. We laugh. We actually were laughing all awhile this was happening, saying to each other, ok here we go or now that would start it. But no fight. Just comedy from a spectators view.

Now as the goatee guy found his bag he uses his cell to call someone. The truck that never left the lot uturns to go toward the goatee guy. The truck stops and the cap guy gets out and walks over to gotee and starts saying AGAIN what a piece of shit he is and how could he do this to his truck, blah blah. The goatee guy hangs up his phone tells the cap guy to fuck off loud enough for us to here it across the lot. The cap guy FINALLY throws a punch and they vanish behind the cars. I said to Daniel, here we go. I trot over with Daniel following and they were between 2 trucks. The cap guy was squatting and he had the goatee guy in a head lock bent over. Clearly not knowing what to do next. Very funny. I shout, ok now lift your elbow and you'll choke him out and this will be over. A black guy that seems to have no neck gets out of the pick up and trys to break them up by saying stop. Really funny. We were laughing and he looks over to us to say, they're roomates and drunk. And goes on to say, I'm not getting in there to get hit. So then, instead of choking the goatee out he lets the goatee guy escape and they raise up because the cap guy is somehow holding on to his shirt. The goatee guy starts the right over hand to the skull beat down. Bang, bang bang, bang, and bang. Each time the cap guy goes lower and lower. His legs begin to buckle. I shout, let go let go. I turn to Daniel and say, this is why we train. We giggle. The guy falls to to his knees and some how has his head under the truck with his ass in the air and the goatee guy kicks him in the ribs. I raise my voice saying, you do that again and it's my turn, all awhile walking over to them. He looks at me and fast walks out in the other direction. I get the guys legs and stretch him out and tell him to breath and not to drive. He mummers blah blah and I say exactly why you shouldn't drive. Me and Daniel walk back to our gear. Going over how we do it differently and by the time we get back to turn around the guy with the cap get in the drivers seat shaking him numb swelling head to DRIVE to wherever there going. The End.

10:07 PM  
Blogger Mike McConnell said...

Gee, sounds like a wonderful couple those two drunken idiots. And no cops came around?? Must've been one hell of a spectator show with Abbot and Costello.

11:32 PM  

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