Saturday, June 30, 2007

A video link from Sensei Ellis

Please find attached the link just added to Google Videos. This is a 38 minute video of my thoughts and views of Aikido from its inception in the UK in 1955 to Aikido as it is today. a mixture of monologue / old photos / modern video / old film. I hope you find this item of interest.

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Henry Ellis

Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday night at Basingstoke

For the last couple of weeks we have been practising 8th form, both hands being grabbed from behind. However this evening we began the class with tenchi-nage from Shomenuchi, 5th form. Sensei Andy, Sensei Brad, Sensei Dave, Sensei Mark and Sensei Derek, Mr Graham, Mr Dave, Miss Karen, a new lad whos' name i don't know, and myself (mark) were all on the mat tonight so it was great having a different Dan grade to work with. We then moved onto Kotegaesh from punch to the stomach 7th form, then we moved on to 8th form practising shionage and kotegaesh, and Kaitennage. Again we were changing with different Dan grades.

We finished the night with each Dan grade picking a weapon up, and one person in the middle of the mat who had to take the weapon to join the queue. Sometimes you question what you are actually taking in from the lessons, tonight a few of us found out we have learnt a few things. Which we will probably forget next week.

We also practised a technique that is expected to be practised at the Nakazona Sensei memorial day. It was from 8th form and i think it was Ikkyo(but i could be wrong), Sensei Derek also spoke about some of the Sensei's teaching on the day, and encouraged us to try and practice with them.

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