Thursday, September 14, 2006

Kenshiro Abbe Tribute

I am pleased to let you all know that the new Kenshiro Abbe Tribute website is live as from today. After the great success of the Kenshiro Abbe Celebrations on May 14th at Crystal Palace 2005, we now intend to continue to pay tribute to this legendary Budo teacher with this new website.
There will be much more information added during the coming weeks. We are looking for more information on Abbe Sensei, old photos, film/video / documents. If you have any material of interest please forward to Henry Ellis at . If we believe that any submitted material is of interest to our visitors we will publish it. In the coming weeks we will be talking to several of Abbe Sensei's old privileged students (not friends) with the intention of developing a page of personal tributes and anecdotes to Abbe Sensei. Please visit the site regularly for the latest up-dates.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Important International Seminar
"Circle of Friends of Nakazono Sensei "
Switzerland 8th to 11th March 2007.
Full information -

Friday, September 08, 2006


October 8th - 2006 The Netherlands Celebration of 45 years of Aikido.

Sensei's Henry Ellis and Derek East to attend as the guests of Sensei Gjs Shouten as the Dutch Aikido Bond celebrate "45 years of Aikido in the Netherlands" In Tilbourg on the 8th of October. Sensei Eastman will be the guest Instructor at the Beljarres Dojo on the 9th of October. Photos and a full report to follow.

TK Chiba Shihan 40th Anniversary Celebration. 28th - 29th October 2006.
Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre. Adelaide Road. London. NW3 3NF.

Sensei's Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman have received a personal invitation from Chiba Shihan to attend this special event as his guests.

Photos and a full report to follow.