Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ukemi at 45 mph

Yesterday Chad was riding his motorcycle with a "passenger" on the back, when a car cuts him off and he's forced to hit a curb doing about 45 to 50 mph. After hitting the curb the motorbike is doing an unsteady wobble that Chad could have corrected, but having a passenger on the back makes righting the motorcycle impossible. The bike and it's passengers get thrown.

Chad does a left sided forward ukemi, and coming out of the roll his right palm touches the ground and becomes one of three items on his body with road rash. By coming up on his feet he sees his passenger about to slide past him, but he quickly grabs her and keeps her out of the way of traffic. His Harley though is another story. It gets run over by two drivers that never stop, but the third car ran over the front wheel and pulled over to offer assistance.

In the end, Chad has road rash on his right palm, left knee and right buttock. His passenger has bruised up hands, and rashes on both palms, but neither suffered any broken bones. This is one of those times where applying art to your life can actually save your neck.

See ya in class Chad. :D

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