Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Three white belt students tested Monday

Congratulations to Mike, Kelly and Brenden who took the test for their yellow belt (5th kyu) and passed recently this Monday at the USA ESTA Headquarter, Alamogordo, New Mexico. Paul Emel oversaw the testing and was satisfied with what he saw. Brenden (16 yrs old) was especially smooth and went the extra distance. The young whippersnapper gonna out do us old fogies.

All did well putting in the extra efforts to get ready for this test.

Tuesdays class

Last night was a very good class. I was able to perform Ukemi with minimal pain, though I am pretty stiff today. We had a visitor from a dojo in SE Florida. He was very enthusiastic and seemed to have a good time. Hopefully he will return.


If any of you are avid EBay hunters, you will see a copy of Positive Aikido for sale on the UK site. I will explain why it is there!

Sensei Ellis contacted me about selling a copy of the book on EBay. I had mentioned the idea to him some time ago. I have now added the book for two reasons. 1. To let Aikido readers around the world know the book has been published. 2. It is a very cheap form of advertising! I wanted everyone who reads this Blog to know why it was there, and to warn you not to bid for it! (Unless you want too!) I would like to remind you, all three authors will be available on the Abbe Kenshiro course in May to sign any books that you have already bought.

The anticipation of the course in May is mounting this side of the Atlantic, I hope you are all feeling the same? I have stepped up my training a few paces, as I think I am going to have my hands full with some of you on the day! Joking apart, I am very much looking forward to meeting you all on the course. It Will give me a chance to put a face to a name.

Very best regards


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

1st full class

Well folks I have made it back!! Last night was an excellent class I am still not allowed to take Ukemi but was able to participate with gusto. It felt awesome can't wait for more. saw new faces in the dojo which was fantastic. Some advanced students were not up to par (still reeling from the effects of testing) one gasping for air and another suffering from acid-reflux. They can't wait to throw me around the mat. Patience gentlemen I will be 100% before long and then you can exact some punishment on me!! :-)

Friday, March 18, 2005

(Translation for the last entry)

Chad Hatcher and Karl Turton have been promoted to Yon-Kyu, Orange Belt.
Daniel Turton has been promoted to Go-Kyu, Yellow belt.

Congratulations Gentlemen, keep up the hard work because it ain't gonna get any easier.

-Sensei Al Montemar

Happy St. Patrick's Day +++ Test Night Tonight and It's On!!!

No time for any pints, "It's Test Night Folks!" But yet it became a festive evening none the less. With a battle planned out in one's head, the Warriors were chosen to battle on this eve - Sensei Al "Dragon" Montemar was to oversee the WAR of Karl "Persistence" Turton(5th kyu), Daniel "The Jabber" Turton(6th kyu), and I, Chad "Mr. Passive" Hatcher(5th kyu). All the while warming up with they're attackers, Joe "Can't keep ME out of this" Anderson(3rd kyu), Jeff "NeckBoy" Benton(5th kyu), and Bill "Breaker" Kennedy(3rd kyu). As the warm-ups were happening the men only ask themselves too only do the best as they can do....blah blah blah, It's WAR baby and the devil is calling!!!! Just kidding, the devil didn't come, he was busy at an execution of some fella in South Texas this night, but I digress.... WAR came in a blinding fury!!!! The women, children, and the weak fled into buildings, bomb shelters, and also under beds for the dust was kicked up by the tenkans that were sliding, the irime's that were executed, and the ukeme's that were thrown. And yet how could it be that not one drop of blood was dropped onto the sacred WARMAT... Discipline and the fact that this WAR was with ourselves not our fellow Warriors. Blood was rushing though, through the veins of the Warriors that sacrificed themselves in battle for the greater good of mankind, a God - if they have one chosen, and knowledge of Aikido.

Am I having fun with this story or what!!

Persistence started the night off with his impressions of first and second against The Jabber. Mr. Passive then followed with his as Breaker tried to resist. Mr. Passive stayed on to go into third when Can't keep ME out of this tried to stop him in ikkyo and nikkyo, but failed to only go back over to the side lines to watch proudly as his Warriors continued on with the WAR. NeckBoy came into the WARMAT to see if he could stop Persistence do his third form, but was unable too. Mr. Passive went back on the WARMAT to complete the fourth and final of the formal battles with Breaker breathing down his neck, Mr. Passive hipped his way though the form even with the stench of the Breakers breath. As Persistence followed with his rendition, the room knew the WAR was half over. The Jabber was next to show his warrior comrades that he has the mustard to reach the level of 5th kyu. NeckBoy was called out and he squared up to The Jabber only to fall into his first form traps. The Jabber twisted, turned, and toss NeckBoy into second form were he continued to put NeckBoy on path to the Doctor. On completion of his first formal battle The Jabber showed enough skills to take him to the 5th kyu . Congratulations to The Jabber!!! Don't worry readers the WAR is still on with Mr. Passive and Persistence on a path to conquer any foes between them. The most fierce and dreaded of all the warriors, Dragon, came up with his silver talon to try to stick it into stomachs of the challengers. Mr. Passive was called to the WARMAT to face the Dragon in an disarming fashion. With success Mr. Passive and Persistence walked through the Dragon's layer only to find out more deeds await. Fifth form was in front of them and Mr. Passive took the first blows from Breaker only to evade with proper movements taught by the fearless Dragon. On Persistence's turn NeckBoy was lined up for a solid committed shomen strike only to fall to the technique of the night, a sweet positive iriminage, that Thundered the room in ahh's and are you OK NeckBoy oohh's. Breaker was called in, for NeckBoy's bells were going off in his Church. Breaker took what Persistence had left and Mr. Passive came up next to take The Jabber and Breaker on the course of sixth and seventh. Persistence also went through sixth and seventh against the rotation of The Jabber, Breaker, and NeckBoy (Boing). Dragon lined us up told us his thoughts and passed Persistence and Mr. Passive to 4th kyu's. THE CROWD WENT WILD!!! Chants roared through the hollows, "The WAR is finally over" and "It's St. Patrick's Day lets meet at the pub". Mere words of encouragement for the mighty and tired as hell Warriors walking out of the dojo with they're shoulders rolled back and they're heads held high and ready to get back next week to train for they're next WAR!!!

Derek Eastman Sensei Bill Woods Henry Ellis ... In the 1950's and 60's Sensei Bill Woods was the personal Aide and secretary to Kenshiro Abbe Sensei, he was also one of the most influential figures in the early development of British Martial Arts. Sensei Woods was the LJS Judo Champion in 1952 he was also the very first dan grade for Kendo with Abbe Sensei receiving certificate No 1.
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Monday, March 14, 2005

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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Thursday and Saturday

Well Thursday was a heated class. We stayed with shironage for the most part. All but 4th form was applied positive and negitively. Very well rounded. Even went into the continous application such as, starting in 1st, shironage, kotigeage, ikkyo, nikkyo, and finished with sankyo. now thats a work out for any uke. We all had good flow.
A special Saturday addition because Al Sensei is going out of town again. We used no mats to start so ukeme's needed to be smooth. I really didn't mind because I practice in the grass anyway. It was a good hour on what we did on Thursday.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

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Good news!! The Japanese Ambassador Nogani will be attending.

We are pleased to announce that His Excellency Mr Nogami the Japanese Ambassador to the United Kingdom will be a VIP guest at this very important event. His Excellency will give a speech to honour the memory of Kenshiro Abbe Sensie, he will also watch the various demonstrations of Aikido Karate Kendo Judo Iaido Bo-Jutsu Kyudo.
The rest of the guest list is a who's who of creditable and notable martial artists.
There are four teachers today who were direct students of Abbe sensei in the 1950's who will be teaching on this day Sensei's H Foster - H Ellis - R Reynolds - D Eastman.
There are 400 places on this seminar and already 360 are filled.

The new book Positive Aikido will be on sale and will be signed by the authors if requested.
There will also be a raffle of a valuable Shinken sword donated by Nine Circles Budo Supplies. also a valuable hand made Tanto made by Sensei Dave Rogers of New Mexico USA.
Please visit for more information

Kind regards

Henry Ellis
Co-author of Positive Aikido book

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Good Tuesday

Last nights class started with a sweet demo for a Carlos that came in to look at what we had to offer. Carlos said he has trained for 5 years and i currently a 2nd kyu and is currently at another dojo that we refer to as Soft Trail. It consists of the follow me now, be a good uke, and harmonize with whatever I'm doing Aikido. Al Sensei went directly into one of my favorites, 5th form irimi nage, that put me on my ass. I had to give a slight chuckle for it. We did start then with shadowing the entry, irimi into uke with both arms up and directing the uke's arm down to the knee and then to a tenkan applying the head to shoulder and final turn into uke with the finish, uke on his back. A sweet move. I then started to apply this to Al Sensei a few times and Carlos then got up bowed out of the dojo. He saw all of 10 to 15 minutes and probably went to a phone to call his Sensei on what he saw. No matter, come one and all I say. After he left we started to go in Jo warm-ups. At this time a couple of the younger students that participate in the Kwan Do class stayed after to watch and Al Sensei invited them in to show them nikkyo, 1st form. They dug it and after about 20 minutes of nikkyo they had to leave, but said they'll return for more. Always a good sign. So, me and Sensei went to doing the Jo katas and finished the night feelling good about the class.