Thursday, February 15, 2007

OCA Demonstration

These two pictures below are all that were taken during the demonstration Chad and I gave for the OCA's (Office of Cultural Affairs) Annual celebration. I can't even tell if that's me. Anyway, the person who recruited us said there was some positive feedback from the spectators, and we got a free meal out of it, and Chad also got a bottle of wine he stuck in his duffle bag for later. Chad deserved the bottle of wine since he had to take ukemi without any mats, on a wooden stage with thin carpeting, but at least the floorboards creaked and gave a little beneath his weight.

In this photo I'm doing a Ki demonstration, and the man in the suit standing next to me is the guy who I volunteered to come up and try and push me over. That's a microphone in my hand, which came in handy. When the volunteer was straining to push me over I kept my eyes on the audience and spoke in the mic that he could start pushing now which got a good reaction from the crowd.


Blogger chad747 said...

i had fun. thanks for the invite..

8:31 AM  
Blogger Al said...

Yeah, I imagine you had fun pilfering half a dozen bottles of wine on your way out the door. I guess someone had to drink it...,

12:45 PM  

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