Saturday, October 01, 2005

Basingstoke 29/09/05

To begin with the class were told that the DVD from the Abbe Sensei seminar had been released. And then from then my recollection of every technique we did is a blur. I can remember we practised alot of defending punching and also shomen. I can remember using kotegaesh as defense, Shionage, and also tenchinage. At the core of my problem was demonstrating a technique with Sensei Mark, and not moving my head quick enough!
My concentration then went, and every technique i tried failed. My lesson learnt, well in a real physical confrontation that could have well been the end of me, the fight went out of me, my composure went, and i really struggled to make the end of the lesson.

This also reminds me of past lessons, the ones where things don't go right, i have a feeling i may struggle to keep going over the next couple of weeks because i know this is how it is going to be. However i will keep trying. Hope every one is well.


Blogger Joe said...

we got our copies but players here won't play them as they are coded for the UK. Bummer!!

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