Saturday, September 17, 2005

Training at basingstoke 16/09/05

To begin the lesson we practiced three different methods for taking the jo. All required not fighting and wrestling for the jo, and required using it (the jo) as a lever to unbalance uke. We then moved to using the same principles for a two hand grab, concentrating on 'elbow' power as sensei eastman put it.

Myself and another yellow belt were then taken through 3rd form, beggining with positive and negative shionage, Kotegaesh and finishing with Iriminage. As usual i was told to relax and breathe when taking a technique. I also practise taichi, and i am told the same thing.
An excellent lesson in which i learnt a lot of things which i will definately forget by next week.

Because i was trying to concentrate on what my group was doing, i dont really know what the other group was doing. this group was made up of sensei brad, sensei dave, sensei andy, and karen a green belt. I suspect the group were preparing karen for her blue belt.
I hope everyone is well and training hard. Till i write again.


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