Friday, August 26, 2005

friday training

Well i haven't been training for two weeks, i've been on holiday in the South of France. I had really missed the lessons, and i was itching to get back on the mat. The last time i was on the mat i had really felt things were starting to sink in (i've come to realise now that this is when aikido bites back).

Well tonight we concentrated on weapons work. Beginning with Jo, starting off with the one person kata, and working through to partner kata's.
We then worked on bokken, then shinoi. The lesson ended for me by Sensei Andy running through 3rd form with me. Once again an excellent lesson.


Blogger Joe said...

I an glad to hear you had a good class. I on the other hand had one of those classes that makes you wonder if you belong in the dojo. It started with a nice high wrist sprain from an enthusiastically applied nikkyo and then I rounded the evening off by actually hitting myself in the jaw with a club whilst disarming my uke. all in all probably my poorest performance in several years. Ah yes the wonder that is Aikido training

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