Thursday, May 17, 2007

Yellows, Oranges, and a couple of thunks

The Hut Tx had a grading last Monday and Tuesday.
Danny L. and Glen C. were tested for yellow and passed.
Mo K. and Jonathan O. were tested for orange and passed, but with a little more fanfare.

During the portion of the grading where each student has to handle an uke wielding a club, Jonathan got a solid hit to the side of his head, but didn't stop and continued to finish the rest of
his grading. He felt nausea at home later that evening, but this morning he said he's feeling better. Can anyone say "concussion"?

Mo was the second person to handle the club portion of his orange belt test, and perhaps not to be outdone by Jonathan, he also got hit by his uke, but impact occurred at the top of his head and with the edge of the hickory ax handle that was cut down into a club. The somewhat rough edge of the club gave him a 2cm long cut which required a couple minutes of direct pressure to stop the bleeding. Although Mo was wanting to continue his grading I required him to stop bleeding first before carrying on.

The Hut Tx is now in need of white belts.


Blogger mark greenwood said...

Congratulations from all at Basingstoke. I will start posting again about what is happening in England, and the preparations for the Nakazona day.

1:52 PM  
Blogger Al said...

Thanks Mark!


9:30 AM  

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