Thursday, May 25, 2006

Texas Update

The Hut Texas has had a grading with Mr. Chad Hatcher being promoted to 3rd Kyu. I was promoted to 1st kyu (lumps are now healed). In other news I have relocated to Goldendale Washington. Where I have obtained permission to start teaching basic Aikido at the local middle school. I am looking forward to the experience. Congratulations to all who were promoted both in New Mexico and in Texas. I will post updates on the new Washington school as things start to progress. Thank You to Sensei Al Montemar for the many years of training. I will look forward to many visits back to Dallas. Mo, Jonathan, Danny and Carlton I will be making the trip back for your 4th kyu Grading for certain. Train well


Blogger Bill Loose said...

Good luck in Washington, we wish you the best of luck

11:03 PM  

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