Saturday, March 04, 2006

Chuck Monkeys!!

Pinnochio comes with free Chuck Monkeys!! 2 guys with spunk!! no real experience but willing to mix it up. 2 even tried going up against Mr Chad and Myself. after i put down them both individually they tried to double team Chad.
They were not successful. after being slapped a couple times uke 1 charged Chad and was caught in irriminage variation with the chin grip. his buddy tried a round house kick and Chad used uke #1 as a shield. Uke 2 kicks uke 1 in the side of the head. Chad takes uke 1 to the ground. Uke 2 attempts a knee to chad who reverses uke 1. uke 1 recieves knee from uke 2 as Chad chokes out uke 1.Then drags uke 2 to the mat and chokes him out.
Was a lot of fun for all. with exception of maybe uke 1


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like I'm missing all the fun!

I hope to return soon, then you'll have yet another perennial newbie to shake your heads at.


9:40 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

we look forward to your return to the mat Mark

8:47 AM  

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