Friday, May 13, 2005

Kenshiro Abbe Jubilee!!

Ok evryone chime in. How was your experience at the Kenshiro Abbe Jubilee? Ask your dojo mates to join in and leave a post


Anonymous mark greenwood said...

I met sensei al, sensei dave, and a big tall chad. all who seemed like great men. shame i didn't have too much time to chat off mat.
the day was great. i met some strong aikidoka, and some that disappointed me (wishy washy aikido). but there was a magic atmosphere at crystal palace and i fell in love more with aikido.

4:13 AM  
Blogger Nigel said...

It was great to finally meet the people I have been emailing over the last 6 - 9 months! Had a great practice with Al & Chad. I think he was surprised to train with someone who is as tall as himself! Al took all my 'fat' comments with great ease, and shot them back at me just as quick! Pity about the corrections from he who shall not be named!

The course was fantastic. As I have stated on my site under club news, new friends have been made, and old friendships have been renewed. There were occasions of wishy washy Aikido, but it did not spoil the day. I did not get a chance to train with Sensei Rogers, but did manage to have a good chat after the course.

The best session for me, was the group training during Sensei Eastmans turn. Taking Ukemi for William Timms, Frank Burlingham, who I have not seen for at least 15 years was a pleasure. Joining in with the group was Al & my student Andrew. The atmosphere during that hour was fantastic, and something I treasure.

8:27 AM  
Blogger Al said...

The Kenshiro Abbe Jubilee was one of those experiences where words are an inadequate medium to describe it in any detail. You just had to be there.

For me, being a Dan grade at Crystal Palace for this event made me realise how much time had passed. I had been at Crystal Palace years before as an orange belt, being Uke for Sensei Ellis and then at the Jubilee I'm one of the Dan grades assisting beginners with their technique. Time flies almost as fast as heavy weight kyu grades with a white belt.

I'm also honored to finally meet some people there after being contact via email, notably Nigel Jones and David Humm. Both men have a great sense of Humour, and Nigel only gave me cracks about my weight because my hara is bigger than his.

Even though I'm still feeling jet-lagged, I know the experience of being at the Kenshiro Abbe Celebration is one I'll never forget.

3:12 PM  

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