Saturday, April 02, 2005

And Yet Another Great Interview with Ellis Sensei Ellis Sensei had an interview last month with MI - Martial Arts & Culture Magizine in Australia. Interviewer Paul Swainson asked some good questions and has a great mag and website to look at. Enjoy the read!


Blogger Joe said...

I thought the Article was a good one. I liked how it discussed the history of the ESTA and how important hard training was.
I read some of the other articles and was dissappointed. I honestly would like to see articles where they talk about history and application of technique and why it differs from school to school.
I read the one relating to the book "Mastering the Art of Aikido". I found it to be more of a mutual butt-kissing between the interviewer and the 6th Dan "Aikido Master". They talked about banjo picking, wine drinking, and how they sang songs to celebrate the 10th anniversary of thier dojo. I got the impression that the interviewer and the"Master of Aikido" were long time friends and there was no depth to the interview. Training in Aikido was not discussed.

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