Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Good Tuesday

Last nights class started with a sweet demo for a Carlos that came in to look at what we had to offer. Carlos said he has trained for 5 years and i currently a 2nd kyu and is currently at another dojo that we refer to as Soft Trail. It consists of the follow me now, be a good uke, and harmonize with whatever I'm doing Aikido. Al Sensei went directly into one of my favorites, 5th form irimi nage, that put me on my ass. I had to give a slight chuckle for it. We did start then with shadowing the entry, irimi into uke with both arms up and directing the uke's arm down to the knee and then to a tenkan applying the head to shoulder and final turn into uke with the finish, uke on his back. A sweet move. I then started to apply this to Al Sensei a few times and Carlos then got up bowed out of the dojo. He saw all of 10 to 15 minutes and probably went to a phone to call his Sensei on what he saw. No matter, come one and all I say. After he left we started to go in Jo warm-ups. At this time a couple of the younger students that participate in the Kwan Do class stayed after to watch and Al Sensei invited them in to show them nikkyo, 1st form. They dug it and after about 20 minutes of nikkyo they had to leave, but said they'll return for more. Always a good sign. So, me and Sensei went to doing the Jo katas and finished the night feelling good about the class.


Blogger Joe said...

sounds like fun. was Carlos there the night we were visiting?

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