Thursday, March 03, 2005

Good news!! The Japanese Ambassador Nogani will be attending.

We are pleased to announce that His Excellency Mr Nogami the Japanese Ambassador to the United Kingdom will be a VIP guest at this very important event. His Excellency will give a speech to honour the memory of Kenshiro Abbe Sensie, he will also watch the various demonstrations of Aikido Karate Kendo Judo Iaido Bo-Jutsu Kyudo.
The rest of the guest list is a who's who of creditable and notable martial artists.
There are four teachers today who were direct students of Abbe sensei in the 1950's who will be teaching on this day Sensei's H Foster - H Ellis - R Reynolds - D Eastman.
There are 400 places on this seminar and already 360 are filled.

The new book Positive Aikido will be on sale and will be signed by the authors if requested.
There will also be a raffle of a valuable Shinken sword donated by Nine Circles Budo Supplies. also a valuable hand made Tanto made by Sensei Dave Rogers of New Mexico USA.
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Kind regards

Henry Ellis
Co-author of Positive Aikido book


Blogger Mike McConnell said...

I saw Sensei Rogers' hand made Tanto knife when I visited his house last month. Impressive work. Maybe I'll get a photo of it and post it.

11:23 AM  

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