Thursday, February 24, 2005


Tuesdays night class came with possibly a new future student named Jason. He stayed over from the Kwan Do class from earlier that night. Jason and his wife have been students of the Kwan Do class for only 3 months and his wife already got a knee injury. So Jason stayed over to check out the effects of the Aikido class he has heard about and seen get ready after his 7 to 8:15 class. He could only stay an hour for dinner and his wife waited his arrival. We stayed with first form nikkyo for the first half hour then edged to a more dynamic nikkyo and irime nage from 5th and 7th forms. Jason was even taken into positive irime nage and then to knife submission. He was impressed with nikkyo and irime nage. Keep in mind we were very gentle, but being soo new to Aikido he was even learning the true meaning of knowing when to tap (To tap is to continue). As well as relaxing, keeping good posture, and relaxing. I say that twice because remember he came into our class from the rigged Kwan Do class. Jason is an older guy and so very new to martial arts it was a lot to absorb. The flow was good though. Al Sensei and I took turns as his uke and he seemed to have fun and learned a move or two. I had a blast going back into the first day mode. We sat Jason down and Al Sensei took out his knife. He attacked me 7th and I put him into irime nage and kotigeshe submissions. Jason liked this. I was practicing for the upcoming kyu testing. After Jason left Al Sensei and I went into kyu testing mode and ran though everything, 3rd to 4th and the randori sequence of 5th, 6th and 7th forms to be expected and to apply. Not to mention the 5th with knife at 80% trust. Be ready or bloody I always say (Just Kidding or am I? haha) I am also expecting some buddy's and they're wife's and girlfriend's to come in this week to take part in class. I've been a chatter box on the Aikido subject and they are interested in the class. Crossing my fingers for some new class mates.


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