Saturday, February 26, 2005

Knife Thursday

On Thursdays knife class all able bodies showed including Joe. Joe did very soft application and lasted longer than expected. Sticking on to the schedule of testing, Al Sensei went through what he expected to see for disarming 7th form knife. Using kotigeshi specifically for the evening, we went through the tenkan motion, knife to throat, back hand to elbow, and walk around to tap to disarm. Even Joe did well to get around the uke and disarm. We stayed with 7th form knife, but not to disarm, but to feel the uke's weight to escape a welding knife. When entered, tenkan, hold position arm to arm, and feel the pressure to know when to do lateral fast walk back. Always keeping the feet sliding and looking at uke to thrust again after missing the slashing. Escape was that techniques exercise. For the end of class we went into 3rd form ikkyo, positive and negative. Applying the underlining theme of timing your attackers entry's.


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