Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Aikido Blog; The Hut Texas

Aikido Blog; The Hut Texas

I misssed training on Friday cos of parents evening. Training on Monday with Sensei Eastman, Chris, Mark, Jason, Richard and Sensei Paul started off with Sensei Eastman running through some practise with Jason for the upcoming Abbe festival while the rest of us practised some ikkyo and nikkyo to stertch our wrists. My left wrist is *still* not right doing nikkyo - guess it's going to take a long while to heal as I am an old geezer now. Sensei Ellis also made an appearance and let us know that the five, still practising, original members of the hut, including Ken Williams, will all be at the Abbe fetival. It'll be great to see the people I've read about in the book and on the internet actually on the mat. Looks like there's not going to be much spectator room at the festival either. Hopefully there'll be plenty of pics and videos though. Matt fees have gone upto seven quid due to a lack of numbers on the Friday session but those of us who go to Fridays will definitely keep it going until numbers pick up. Can't imagine not training twice in a week.


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