Friday, January 07, 2005

Nigel's Island Post

Greetings to everyone state side. Thought I would drop by and add a few comments. Hope this Blogger goes well, and everyone joins in.Our Dojo opened today for the first time since the Christmas period. I thought I would start the year off with some easy techniques for a change. The class had 2 hours of Suwariwaza, taking the Jo from shomenuchi Kotegaeshi & Iriminage ! Then the nine basic techniques from 1st form. For some unknown reason, judging from the _expression on my face, no one complained that their knees were hurting!! Hope everyone had a good Christmas. I'm looking forward to meeting you all on the Kenshiro Abbe course in the UK this coming May.

Best RegardsNigelAbertillery Aikido Club. (Wales) UK


Blogger Joe said...

Nigel can you give us some info on your dojo. Are you the Sensei how many students do you have? how long has the dojo been in existence? Are you an ESTA school?

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Blogger Nigel said...

Hi Joe

I will try and give you a brief outline, of the club for you. I am the instructor of Abertillery Aikido Club. I am not part of ESTA, but I have trained with Sensei Eastman on a BAB course in the UK some years ago. I am a youngish teacher with old values. My Sensei, started training with Sensei Ken Williams in 1968 in Wales. Sensei Williams is the first person to learn Aikido in the UK under Kenshiro Abbe Sensei. My teacher still prefers to practice the old way, which I have continued in my Dojo. I currently have 16 students on the books. Two of my main students are off injured at the moment. One with a broken ankle, and the other with a broken colar bone. Unfortunately, both happen on the mat! I won't go in to those stories today!

I am currently a 2nd Dan, and have been training for 25 years. I passed my 1st Dan in the Hut Dojo in Hillingdon UK. The exam panel was Haydn Foster, Hamish Mcfarlane & Andy Allen. I had to do the grading twice, as there were an odd number. I was Uke in the first half, then took my own grading after a very short break. It also happened to be one of the hottest days of the year. Anyone who has trained in the Hut, will know, it is not the best in warm or cold weather!

The club has been running for nearly two years now. We have moved a few times, but are now resident in a brand new sport centre which has only just been completed last April, at the cost of £5,000,000. The club website address is You will find out more information regarding the club there. If you need any further info my address is


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