Tuesday, January 11, 2005

A Must Read for an Aikidoist! A Trafford Publishing.Please leave any review you may have on the book! Posted by Hello


Blogger chad747 said...

A great read! It was hard to put down to sleep. It actually gave me energy to get up and work out. I will be sure to get an extra copy to get signed and put away. Now I have my sylibus for future reference.
Thank You for putting ESTA into words!

12:10 PM  
Blogger Nigel said...

Many publications on the subject of Aikido come and go. A majority all revolve around the same format or topics. It is unusual for a no holds book to be released. To have a warning printed on the first page, invites you in to read more!

This book cannot be classed as a technical, although a whole chapter is dedicated to techniques. The main proportion of the book deals with personal interpretation of what Aikido means to the authors. It draws comparison with modern day Aikido, and the Aikido from the past; all it's good and bad points. There is also a strong emphasis on personal history.

In so many ways, it breaks the boundaries of what a traditional Aikido book is suppose to show and say! The authors are to be congratulated for a no nonsense approach, and breaching the normal concept of what is expected from a book in this category. I'm sure it will cause a great debate among different groups, which should be encouraged. Finally, if the dialogue causes the reader to cough, splutter, or even split blood; at least the cover can be easily wiped.

7:50 AM  
Blogger Magnus said...

Got the book on Saturday and read it until the missus asked me to turn the light off and get some sleep! Finished it in the morning. Passed it onto Sensei Ellis on Tuesday as he hadn't received his copy yet. So far the best book on Aikido that I have read and I've read quite alot. The technique side of the book is the much needed reference so I can practise at home but my favourite part is all the non-tecnique side. So many aikido books just seem to be technique with little personal comments on the subject, and lets face it you learn aikido on the mat not from a book so being able to read a personal history is brilliant. And as the the views on aikido and fighting agree with my own views it is an absolute pleasure to read. There's so little of this view of aikido out on the internet you would think that it had died out so a refreshing change to the normal love and peace I so often read about which doesn't tie in with my (limited) experiences of it.

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Blogger chad747 said...

A letter of recommendation from Sensei Woods.

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