Thursday, January 13, 2005

First training of 2005

Hi all,

we had our first training session of 2005 on Monday at Bracknell and had a decent turn out. Senseis Ellis, Eastman, Lyons and Zolik. Richard, Anita, Jason, myself, Rob and Mark. Anita, Rob and Mark worked on ikkyo ( I think that's what Mark said) with Sensei Eastman and the rest of us did kaitenage - One move with movement, another exaggerating the shoulder under the arm as you first turn in and one with alot of movement. Then we did some sword practise. Striking while moving up and down the mat and then stationary in pairs striking the head and blocking whilst in jigatai (someone tell me how to spell this please!). Excellent to be back on the mat,



Blogger Nigel said...

Hi Magnus

Every since Aikido has been introduced in the UK, everyone has their own way of pronouncing Aikido terms. I can assure you, nowhere is worse than in Wales! The correct spelling is Jigotai. We pronounce it with an 'E' so we say Jig E Tai, or with an 'A' Jig A Tai. Both are technically wrong. Jigotai is correct.


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Blogger Joe said...

Hey Magnus,

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